Happy Siebenschläfter-Tag — Happy Seven Sleeper’s Day!

Happy Siebenschläfer-Tag. I don't really know how Siebenschläfer look like to be honest. #vizthink . . . #sketchnotes #sketchnote #vizthink #visualthinking #graphicrecording #asketchnoteaday #sketchnoting #illustration #lettering #pens #fineliner #blackandwhite #visualdesign #creativity #visualnotes #notetaking #drawing #sketch #ideas #design #graphics #doodling #doodles #todaysdoodle #doodle #visualization #pentel #fatdormouse #siebenschläfer Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nadine Roßa (@nadrosia) am 27. […]

Hello new Sketchnote Love!

I did it. With big thanks to my mate Felix and a fine minimalistic theme by Elmastudio, sketchnote-love.com is all shiny and new. When I started this project it was meant to be a tiny side-project to showcase some of the sketchnotes I made over the years. It worked and surprisingly people visited the site […]

My personal TYPO Berlin 2017 recap

Sketchnotes are not only perfect for capturing talks on conferences but also to save memories in a visual way—sort of a visual diary. I used it to draw a personal recap of TYPO Berlin 2017 because there is so much more happening between talks on conferences. Featuring: Malte aka Kopfbunt, Pascal Fedorec, Ivo Gabrowitsch, Eva-Lotta […]

TheHAUS sketchnote

Yesterday I went to TheHAUS for the second time. TheHAUS is an old bank that is gonna be demolished soon. Before that over 160 artists were invited to create art pieces in every room. The result is amazingly wonderful and inspiring. It’s gonna be closed on May 31st and all the artworks will be destroyed. […]

Happy Drawing!

Eine deutsche Version des Artikels gibt es hier. A lot of people think that they cannot draw. They say that they don’t know how to draw or just don’t know where to start. In my sketchnote workshops I correct those participants whenever they say that because I believe that everyone c a n draw, you […]

Sketchnotes Fußball EM 2016

In 2016 I wanted to try something new: Live-Sketchnoting soccer games. Since you can basically sketchnote everything I thought: Why not? Turns out: It’s a great thing to do even though it’s not easy because it is such a fast game. So I picked some highlights and in games without highlights I just drew everything […]

Fun Sketchnotes

From time to time I create some sketchnotes just for fun – to introduce myself and to send christmas wishes. The example below is from my sketchnote book: It’s an interview, answering questions in sketchnote form. I made something similar a while ago and recorded it: Christmas sketchnote: A few things about christmas and me […]

Sketchnotes Republica

Sketchnotes Republica 2017 Here is an overview of sketchnotes from 2016 Republica in Berlin featuring: Netzpolitik aka Markus Beckedahl Carolin Ehmke Youvo Caspar Mierau aka Leitmedium Sketchnotes Republica 2016 Here is an overview of sketchnotes from 2016 Republica in Berlin featuring: Anna Lena Schiller & Beetlebum Caspar Mierau aka Leitmedium NeinQuarterly Milena Glimbowski from Original […]