✏️ Hole jetzt dein GRATIS Sketchnotes Starterset zum zum Sofort-LoslegenWill ich haben!×

Hello new Sketchnote Love!

I did it. With big thanks to my mate Felix and a fine minimalistic theme by Elmastudio, sketchnote-love.com is all shiny and new. When I started this project it was meant to be a tiny side-project to showcase some of the sketchnotes I made over the years. It worked and surprisingly people visited the site a lot even though I barely ever updated it.

I started feeling the need to have a more agile page to post new work immediately and write a few posts about visual thinking and drawing from time to time. So a simple WordPress theme was all I needed—just to make this happen and not becoming one of those things I always want to do but never do (like my real website … well well). Of course it is work in progress and there are probably a few typos here and there. If you find one, let me know. I’m gonna add more content in the future.

So here we go: All new Sketchnote Love.

By the way: The picture above is a drawing I made for Woman who draw— a wonderful directory that collects female illustrators: http://www.womenwhodraw.com

Oh, and if you liked the old page more, here it ist: http://old.sketchnote-love.com/