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Sketchnotes Draw to Remember

Draw to Remember-Talk

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Sketchnotes Draw to Remember

Last week I was invited to speak at Berlins Creative Morning. If you don’t know the format, it’s a lovely little series founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg in New York. The chapters take part all over the world, you can go there for free, chat a little, have a coffee and some inspiration and then go to work. In Berlin the lovely team from Monotype and Jürgen Siebert are organizing this event for quite some time now. I’m a frequent guest, but was also one of the speakers of the early Creative Mornings (if you are interested, you can watch the video here: The German B).

Photos: Natalie Toczcek. See all photos here.

This time I was speaking about my – tada – favorite topic: not only sketchnotes but drawing and why it is more than just a tool to create art. It can help us to remember things better – the core reason for sketchnoting.

Thankfully the team is recording everything, so you can watch the whole video here: