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Hi, I’m Nadine—a visual designer, illustrator, typelover and sketchnoter. I have a deep passion for pens and doodles and love visual notetaking. Here is my story.

Some time ago, I came across the topics Sketchnotes and Graphical Recording at a conference, and wondered why I hadn’t stumbled upon it before. Taking notes visually (aka sketchnoting) is in fact a very simple and great idea; especially, if you already like to draw anyway. Actually, I think I have always somehow done exactly that a bit — for the simple reason that for me pure text notes are not as exciting as visual ones and therefore seem to stick much less to my mind.

I realized that sketchnoting is its own design discipline only while attending said conference, and I started to spend more time honing my skill at it. This page shows what engages me in this, gives some insight into my work, and hopefully explains why Sketchnotes are so great – Big Sketchnote Love!

I am also an illustrator, visual designer (I love creating Corporate Designs for small companies and start-ups), writer and editor and have 15+ years of experience in the field of Graphic Design. I started as a screen designer in the New Economy (oh, those crazy times), worked in Cologne and New York and moved to Berlin to study design. Since 2004 I am working as a freelance designer.

Sketchnote InterviewSketchnote Interview

Skills: Sketchnotes / Graphic Recording / Visual Storytelling / Visual Thinking / Illustration / Visual Thinking Workshops
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Image: Melanie Schwochow