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Three simple ways how to draw a christmas tree

Sketchnote How to draw a christmas tree

Hoho! Ever wondered how you can draw a christmas tree very easily! I got you covered! Here are three simple ways to draw a christmas tree. Go and draw!

1. Christmas tree using triangles

Use triangles in every size and shape to draw a simple christmas tree. The more triangles you pile, the bigger the tree! Makes sure that the lower triangle is wider than the on on top!

Sketchnote How to draw a christmas tree

2. Christmas tree with lines

Christmas trees with lines are so simple! Just make your line wander, either in a zickzack way or like a spiral. Start small and go big. Voila!

Sketchnote How to draw a christmas tree

2. Christmas tree around a trunk

You can also add single lines like waves, angles or zick zacks to a line (=trunk). Start small to big!

Sketchnote How to draw a christmas tree

Now add a star to the top and if you like some sparkle with circles! Merry Christmas!

International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg

International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg

Last Saturday I attended the International Sketchnote Camp. You read right – there is a Sketchnote camp. I was actually the first gathering of that kind and oh how nerdy it was! In a good way!

The camp was organized in the Barcamp format which is sort of a self-organized conference. That means everyone can suggest a topic and give a session, just step up in the morning, present your topic and find a time-slot.

I arrived a little late because I took an early train from Berlin to Hamburg so I missed that part. But I wasn’t planning on giving a session anyways (I would have loved to but there was simply no time to prepare one. Maybe next time.)

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Hello new Sketchnote Love!

I did it. With big thanks to my mate Felix and a fine minimalistic theme by Elmastudio, is all shiny and new. When I started this project it was meant to be a tiny side-project to showcase some of the sketchnotes I made over the years. It worked and surprisingly people visited the site a lot even though I barely ever updated it.

I started feeling the need to have a more agile page to post new work immediately and write a few posts about visual thinking and drawing from time to time. So a simple WordPress theme was all I needed—just to make this happen and not becoming one of those things I always want to do but never do (like my real website … well well). Of course it is work in progress and there are probably a few typos here and there. If you find one, let me know. I’m gonna add more content in the future.

So here we go: All new Sketchnote Love.

By the way: The picture above is a drawing I made for Woman who draw— a wonderful directory that collects female illustrators:

Oh, and if you liked the old page more, here it ist:

My personal TYPO Berlin 2017 recap

Sketchnotes TYPO 2017 recap Day 3

Sketchnotes are not only perfect for capturing talks on conferences but also to save memories in a visual way—sort of a visual diary. I used it to draw a personal recap of TYPO Berlin 2017 because there is so much more happening between talks on conferences.

Featuring: Malte aka Kopfbunt, Pascal Fedorec, Ivo Gabrowitsch, Eva-Lotta Lamm, Glenn Garriock from FormFiftyFive, Marc Thiele from Beyond Tellerrand, Martina Flor, Ulrike Rausch from Liebe Fonts, Laura Serra, Erik Spiekermann and many more!

See the sketchnotes of the talks here.

TheHAUS sketchnote

TheHAUS Sketchnote

Yesterday I went to TheHAUS for the second time. TheHAUS is an old bank that is gonna be demolished soon. Before that over 160 artists were invited to create art pieces in every room. The result is amazingly wonderful and inspiring. It’s gonna be closed on May 31st and all the artworks will be destroyed. There’s a huge queue in front of the building but if you have the chance go there! It’s an incredible experience.
There are no photos allowed in the building because the initiators want you to look at the artwork and not to see them through the screen of your phone. So I just drew everything I remembered afterwords which is a very good way to reflect art BTW.

Happy Drawing!

Eine deutsche Version des Artikels gibt es hier.

A lot of people think that they cannot draw. They say that they don’t know how to draw or just don’t know where to start. In my sketchnote workshops I correct those participants whenever they say that because I believe that everyone c a n draw, you just need to learn some basics. I’d like to show you two series from the social webs and a few books that help learn drawing and are big fun.

»Sketch a bit« by Eva Lotta Lamm

First one is »Sketch a bit« by Eva Lotta Lamm—the lady who brought me into the field of sketchnoting. A few weeks ago she started sharing little videos on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag #sketchabit. She shows how to draw simple objects like hands, coffee, newspapers, candles etc.

You can find them on Twitter using the hashtag #sketchabit or on Instagram.

»How to Draw« by Scriberia

The other one is the YouTube playlist »How to Draw« Playlist by the English graphic facilitation agency Scriberia. There you can learn how to draw pigs or helicopters, presented in a very charming way!

I’d love to attend one of their workshops some time because I like their work and drawing styles a lot.

The complete playlist is here and here is the helicopter example.

Ed Emberly

I also recommend the lovely books by Ed Emberly—an English children’s book illustrator. He made a few books that show how to draw objects very easily—just by using simple geometrical shapes: Drawing Book of Faces, Make a World & Die kunterbunte Zeichenstunde and lots more. It’s so much fun with kids but also for grown-ups!

And now: Happy Drawing!