Fun Sketchnotes

From time to time I create some sketchnotes just for fun – to introduce myself and to send christmas wishes. The example below is from my sketchnote book: It’s an interview, answering questions in sketchnote form.

I made something similar a while ago and recorded it:

Christmas sketchnote: A few things about christmas and me

That’s a christmas card I sent out in 2016, gathering a few things about me and my opinion on christmas.

In 2014 I drew one of the Maus – Lach- und Sachgeschichten as a card. It shows how christmas balls are made.

TheHAUS Sketchnote

TheHAUS was a temporary art project in Berlin. An old bank was given to street artists to create every room in it before the building and the art will be demolished. There are no photos allowed so I just sketchnoted what I remembered. Read more here (in German)

Weitere Projekte