Fun Sketchnotes

From time to time I create some sketchnotes just for fun – to introduce myself and to send christmas wishes. The example below is from my sketchnote book: It’s an interview, answering questions in sketchnote form. I made something similar a while ago and recorded it: Christmas sketchnote: A few things about christmas and me […]

Sketchnotes Republica

Sketchnotes Republica 2017 Here is an overview of sketchnotes from 2017 Republica in Berlin featuring: Netzpolitik aka Markus Beckedahl Carolin Ehmke Youvo Caspar Mierau aka Leitmedium Sketchnotes Republica 2016 Here is an overview of sketchnotes from 2016 Republica in Berlin featuring: Anna Lena Schiller & Beetlebum Caspar Mierau aka Leitmedium NeinQuarterly Milena Glimbowski from Original […]


Haufe Taschenguides Haufe publishes Taschenguides—small books about topics from retirement arrangements to self-improvement— that you can buy at station kiosks. They asked me to summarize their contents in sketchnotes to add them to the book-folder.